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1969 Mustang Door Panels

Our replacement 1969 Mustang Door Panels are upholstered with original Corinthian grain vinyl material on precision-cut masonite boards. These TMI-made Mustang Door Panels are an exact match to the factory embossing on the original panels. The masonite board backing is far superior to the fiberboard or cardboard you find on other cheaper panels. Masonite boards last longer, resist warping from moisture and are the ultimate in long-lasting quality.

We offer Standard Mustang Door Panels and two styles of custom Two-Tone Mustang Door Panels. The Corinthian grain vinyl colors and grain are exact matches to the original and to the colors offered for our Mustang Seat Upholstery.

All Mustang Door Panels are sold in pairs and made in the United States.

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