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Mustang Interior Parts .com is your top source for high quality interior parts for you classic & Foxbody Mustangs. We feature Mustang seat upholstery, Mustang door panels, Mustang headliners, Mustang Carpet, and Mustang Sunvisors. We proudly offer TMI Products which are made in the US. All materials are the highest quality available and the closest to the original Mustang colors. Whether you want to keep your interior stock, or customize it with one our of Mach-1 or licensed Pony Interior kits, we have the Mustang Upholstery you need.

In addition to selling interior upholstery items, we also sell bulk material by the yard so that you can design your own unique custom interior using the materials that are the closest available to factory original.
Why MustangInteriorParts.com?

Mustang Seat Foam

Whether you need seat foam for your Classic or Foxbody Mustang, we offer injection molded polystyrene seat foam that ensures the best fit possible. Our foam fits easily on your factory seat frames so your interior feels as good as it looks. Whether you want stock or TMI's new sport seats, Mustang Interior Parts your is source for Mustang Seat Foam.

Mustang Seat Upholstery

We are proud to exclusively offer TMI seat covers for your Mustang. Our Classic and Foxbody Mustang Seat covers feature the highest quality materials and are offered in original colors or as close to original as possible. Our seat covers feature extruded vinyl piping and year correct stitching that is backed by TMI's lifetime warranty and will look good for years.

Mustang Sunvisors

Our Mustang Sunvisors are available in original Moonskin vinyl for classic Mustang and we are proud to offer Foxbody Mustang sunvisors both with and without the mirror. Made with a Masonite wood core, our Mustang sunvisors are exact reproductions of the originals. Replace your worn out, faded, and bubbling sunvisors.

Mustang Headliners

Our Foxbody Mustang headliners come in foam-backed vinyl or cloth and are mounted on ABS plastic. These headliners fit perfectly and will not rot and sag like the original cardboard backed headliner. Our Classic Mustang headliners come in original tier-grain vinyl and feature mildew resistant thread that prevents your headliner from falling down.

Mustang Carpet

We offer both cut pile and loop replacement carpet for your Mustang. Our classic Mustang carpet is molded and is offered in both the original Mustang colors as well as many custom colors. Our Foxbody carpet also comes molded and in both the original and custom colors. Our Foxbody carpet matches perfectly with the carpet on the bottom of the door panels.

Mustang Door Panels

All of our door panels are backed by Masonite wood. Masonite is much stronger than other fiberboard based door panels out there and is much more resistant to moisture. Our Pony door panels feature the armrest molded directly into the panel instead of backfilling foam, and our Foxbody door panels come with speaker grilles and inside weatherstrip pre-assembled.
MustangInteriorParts.com is proud to offer TMI Interior products